Redd flamingo

quality beach lifestyle apparel

Our Story


REDD FLAMINGO is not just a clothing line its a lifestyle. We encourage creativity and tranquility. Our exclusive lifestyle apparel is felt through the spirit of our designs and our choices of colors. We've committed ourselves to creating the highest quality relaxed beach life inspired clothing.

REDD FLAMINGO came from the minds of artistic, fashion forward, hardworking dreamers who decided to do what they love and that is create. We believe it is your right as a being of this planet to do what you love and in-turn you will love what you do. The red(d) represents the passion and love we have for what we do and the flamingo signifies the colorful burst we choose to express our creations.

REDD FLAMINGO is for the creative, the passionate, the artistic, the beach bum, the dreamer, the dare to be different, and above all those who love life, that includes you as well. Welcome to our family.